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Kan Jam has become crazy popular in recent years for one very simple reason: it makes for a great backyard game.If you’re wanting to get the low down about Kan Jam, learn how to play it, figure out what the rules are, or get some advice on which Kan Jam set is right for you, you’re in the right place. Kan Jam Tournament - Pacific Southwest Conference 2018

NU Intramural Sports - northeastern.edu slot cleanly, and then it touches the deflector, it will be counted as 3 points. • If the disc enters through the instant win slot and comes out of the top without the deflector touching it, 2 points are awarded. • If the disc enters through the instant win slot, hits the back of the goal, and comes back out through the slot, 2 points are Amazon.com : Kan Jam Illuminate Glow in The Dark Accessory ... The Kan Jam ILLUMINATE Kit comes complete with everything you need to play after the sun goes down. The Kit Includes: A Premium Official size and Weight Kan Jam Glow-in-the Dark Flying Disc, 2 custom LED Glow Lights to make each goal and Instant Win slot highly visible even when it's pitch black and weather resistant Kan jam branded Glow Paper ... Kan jam - pt.slideshare.net

Kan-Jam is a great game. The night illuminated version is a great idea. However, the company should be ashamed of providing the quality of product provided for the Illuminate version.

Kan Jam Illuminate Glow-in-the-Dark ... - Walmart.com Kan Jam Illuminate comes complete with everything you need to play Kan Jam after the sun goes down, a premium glow-in-the-dark flying disc (official size and weight), 2 custom LED glow lights to make each goal and instant-win slot highly visible even when it's pitch black, and weather-resistant Kan Jam branded glow paper to make it easier to ... KanJam Game | Best Price Guarantee at DICK'S Rated 5 out of 5 by jdie987 from Kan Jam...good for literally hours of backyard fun We introduced Kan Jam to our extended family during a recent one week long vacation and it took hold like a virus. We played throughout the days and in to the evenings. Kan Jam Illuminate Glow Game, Flying Discs - Amazon Canada Never let Mother nature tell you it's time to stop playing Kan Jam! Kan Jam illuminate glow game is the night time experience Kan Jam fans have been waiting for. With a multicolor LED light Pod inside each light reactive goal, and a glow-in-the-dark Flying disc, you can enjoy Kan Jam any hour of the day, especially in pitch black. Kan Jam Illuminate Glow in The Dark Accessory Kit, Flying ...

3 points (BUCKET) – A player throws a disc towards the goal, and the deflector slams it into the Kan. This is known as a Bucket, or Slam Dunk and a team gets 3 points for this. Instant Win! – At any time during the game a team can win the game instantly by throwing the disc through the small slot on the front of the goal.

Kan Jam: 3 Steps - instructables.com Kan Jam. By snaglefang in Play Sports. 22,019. 10. 3. Stats Download Favorite. By snaglefang Follow. More by the author: this is my first ever Instructable so take it easy on me!!!!! this is a fun game for the whole family. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Gettin the Suppliz.

... GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Jam the disc in the target to score, or slot the kan for the game winner! INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY - (2) Folding ...

OUT THE SLOT - If a deflector tips the disc into the goal and it comes back out the slot, this also counts as 1 point. In this situation, the disc must touch the goal off the deflection in order to count as 1 point. If the disc is tipped into the goal and comes out the slot cleanly, it will be no points.

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KanJam is a fun and exciting game where teammates throw a frisbee and score points by deflecting a frisbee into a goal. ... Space those KanJam goals out and start throwing that Frisbee and you are sure to not only get some ... Comes With ... It will usually be through the top of the goal, but can also happen in the slot. Kan Jam Illuminate Glow Game, Flying Discs - Amazon Canada Kan Jam Illuminate Glow Game in Flying Discs. ... KanJam goal to make each goal and instant-win slot highly visible; Weather resistant KanJam branded glow ... 10 Popular Games That Aren't Beer Pong - myOptions Advice KanJam may look like nothing more than a garbage can with a slot in its side, but ... This person leaves the room out of earshot, while the rest of the group comes ... Promotoss Blog - Promotoss